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Ferrari & Maserati City Hall, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou [4s shop new car formaldehyde detection and treatment]

杭州南山路176号法拉利&玛莎拉蒂城市展厅室内空气净化 Project Name : Indoor Air Purification of Ferrari & Maserati City Hall, No. 176 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou

:2016年4月10日 Test date : April 10, 2016

2016年4月13日 Construction Date: April 13, 2016

作为杭州骏意汽车销售服务有限公司在南山路(对面就是西湖)的一家高品质跑车法拉利、玛莎拉蒂销售展示厅,装修后室内装修材料残留的气体污染和异味,给展示厅的工作人员和来往客户,造成了不少困扰。 Project background : As a high-quality sports car Ferrari and Maserati sales exhibition hall on Nanshan Road (West Lake opposite), Hangzhou Junyi Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd., the residual gas pollution and odor of interior decoration materials after the renovation, to the staff of the exhibition hall Dealing with customers has caused a lot of trouble.

杭州骏意汽车销售服务有限公司希望通过我们“绿赞空气管家”的检测治理,找出污染源,并清除甲醛、苯、TVOC等这些有害气体,净化室内空气,提高展厅的客户体验。 Customer demand: Hangzhou Junyi Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. hopes to find out the source of pollution through the inspection and management of our "Lvzan Air Steward", and to remove formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases to purify indoor air and improve the customer experience in the exhibition hall.

“绿赞空气管家”分别对法拉利和玛莎拉蒂展厅进行了室内空气检测,甲醛等污染气体有存在不同程度的超标。 Governance situation: "Lvzan Air Steward" conducted indoor air tests on the Ferrari and Maserati showrooms. Pollution gases such as formaldehyde have exceeded standards in varying degrees. The air treatment commissioner inspected the pollution sources inside the exhibition hall, and used the company's patented nano-photocatalyst for purification and treatment to completely remove indoor formaldehyde.

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