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Business Scope

Family, building villa, government building, office, hospital, bank, hotel, TV station, hotel, entertainment venue, stadium, real estate, exhibition hall, museum, supermarket, school, kindergarten, car, airplane, car 4S shop, car beauty Shops, decoration companies and other places.

Profit model

Earn income by performing in-vehicle and indoor air quality testing for end customers and collecting testing service fees;

Profit from air pollution treatment service fees for end customers by controlling air in cars and interior decoration;

Profit from collecting air treatment fees by providing decoration pollution treatment and air purification services for commercial buildings such as office buildings, exhibition halls, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, KTVs, and cinemas;

It is profitable to collect air treatment fees by providing decoration pollution control and air purification services for schools, training institutions, government agencies, railway stations, airports and other public places.

Profit from collecting service fees for air pollution control services for buses, school buses, trains, airplanes, yachts and other means of transportation;

By cooperating with the local building materials market, automobile 4S shops, car beauty shops, etc., the introduction of air treatment projects, and the use of its customer resources, the profitability of air treatment business;

Cooperate with local decoration companies, design institutes and cleaning companies for decoration pollution control and air purification engineering business to make profits;

Cooperate with real estate developers to implant air treatment projects in batches as a unique selling point of real estate to enhance its competitiveness and make large-scale profits;

Use soft text, news hype, and online marketing for rapid dissemination, increase visibility, conduct bulk engineering and group purchase sales, and earn profits;

Set up direct sales or event marketing in high-end communities, family campus areas of college campuses, senior clubs, golf driving ranges and other target customers, and profit from group purchases.

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