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  • Company strength

    Listed company background, patented product advantages, national indoor environmental purification and treatment of Class A construction qualifications with high industry barriers, more than 50 professionally trained indoor environmental management personnel with advanced qualifications, mastered seven practical technologies for indoor environmental purification and treatment National patented technology.

  • Brand support

    Chuanglujia's main business is high-tech environmental protection industry. With high-quality products and sophisticated services, it creates a healthy and comfortable environment for customers and creates a good brand image. The company enables partners to share brand resources through strong integrated marketing methods and mature market operation solutions.

  • Training support

    The comprehensive and systematic training at the headquarters allows franchisees to quickly master a variety of skills in technology, marketing, management, and service. The company provides training and support for each franchisee from operation management to technical services, and provides tracking services. The company regularly holds franchisee training conferences every year to improve the marketing capabilities and team management capabilities of franchisees.

  • Marketing support

    Headquarters tailor-made effective marketing solutions for partners, providing market research, business evaluation, store selection, staff training, pre-opening guidance, market development, event promotion, public relations, market supervision And other support services.

  • Network support

    The specialized network technicians at the headquarters will assist franchisees in website construction and teach franchisees to make good use of online promotion.

  • Business support

    When a partner conducts group sales or large-scale bidding, the headquarters can assign a business group to assist in negotiating a contract.

  • Area protection

    The headquarters implements strict regional protection policies to ensure that agents enjoy exclusive regional benefits.

  • Follow-up support

    After joining, franchisees can seek help from the headquarters if they encounter any problems, and the headquarters will resolve them as soon as possible. Agents can participate in various social public relations activities, experience exchanges, investment promotion conferences, agent meetings, etc. held by the company for free, and enjoy free company information, related media, industry associations and other social relations resources.

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