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  • 01 /
    Affiliate Consulting

    Know the basic situation of the project by calling the company's hotline; and the market specialists will provide detailed answers to related questions;

  • 02 /
    Application for joining

    Determine initial joining intention and investment plan, apply for joining qualification;

  • 03 /
    Qualification review

    The headquarters will conduct a comprehensive assessment based on the applicant's expected joining area, investment capacity, and marketing ability to determine the agency qualification;

  • 04 /
    Inspection and negotiation

    After determining the qualifications of the agent, invite the applicant to the headquarters to conduct field inspections and discuss cooperation matters;

  • 05 /
    Signing cooperation

    Sign an agency contract, pay the purchase cost of the first cooperation product, and reach the cooperation intention;

  • 06 /
    Headquarters training

    Participate in all-round training at the headquarters, including theoretical training and practical training, until the society;

  • 07 /
    Authorized Shipping

    Issue a power of attorney at the headquarters to arrange shipments;

  • 08 /
    Preparation for operation

    Determine the business place and mode, and prepare for the opening propaganda in accordance with the guidance of the headquarters;

  • 09 /
    Opening propaganda

    On the opening day, do a good job of promoting and promoting promotional advertisements to achieve the purpose of quickly opening the market;

  • 10 /
    Support guidance

    Professional technical guidance, unscheduled large amount of advertising, continuous product innovation, etc., make you worry-free business; franchisees report to the headquarters in a timely manner on the operation of the headquarters and tailor-made detailed files for them to help improve operations.

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