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Company executives

Corporate executives
  • Guo Xinfu

    Chief Principal Advisor
    -Zhejiang Businessmen's Representative
    -Winner of Zheshang Innovation Award
    -Standing Committee of the 9th CPPCC in Lin'an, Hangzhou
    -Founder of listed company Xinfu Pharmaceutical (stock code: 002019)
    After ten years of sharpening his sword, the company he founded has become a well-known manufacturer of provitamin B5 at home and abroad.
    At the same time as his personal career was successful, Guo Dong did not forget to repay the society and actively devoted himself to social welfare. So far, he has invested nearly 40.06 million yuan in charity and welfare undertakings in his personal name.
    Won the 2008 (Fourth) Chinese Charity Award
    Selected as "National Top Ten Social Welfare Stars"
  • Zhang Yunxiang

    -Director of Xingwang Yuda (Stock Code 002829), a listed company
    -17 years of investment banking and corporate management experience
    -Familiar with domestic securities regulations
    -Focus on capital operation of domestic listed companies
    Has strong practical experience and operational capabilities in asset securitization, venture capital, private equity funds, asset management, has completed Beiqi Foton, Zhongguancun Shanghai 900, Fenghua Yuanzhu, Xinfu Pharmaceutical, Dilong New Materials, Runbang Co., Ltd., Shenyang Rongke and other companies issue listings and refinancing of listed companies to complete the investment reform of Sichuan Oil Technology, Zhuhai Yuansheng, Lianghu Green Valley and other companies

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