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Is the new car toxic? [The main source of formaldehyde]

Guide: Maybe many car owners will encounter this problem: after buying a new car for more than half a month, there is still a strange smell, and it is also mixed with the rubber taste of the interior leather on the car, especially the second night The door opened every day, and the taste was really great. People around me said that many people have experienced it, is it possible to have formaldehyde, it is very disturbing to think about it. No, yesterday, a friend asked us on the platform to leave a message asking: I recently bought a new car at home. When I first entered, the smell in the car was particularly bad. I asked if this is a peculiar smell unique to the new car? Is it poisonous? Now he is worried that it will affect the health of his family. 环保萌妹子今天就来跟大家聊聊这个话题—— 新车异味有毒吗 ? Regarding this issue, Chuanglujia environmental protection cute girl came to talk about this topic with everyone today-is the new car toxic ?

Where does the new car smell come from ?

New cars, especially those that have just left the factory, feel that each component emits a pungent odor, just like a newly renovated house, which is all kinds of discomfort. Before we think about a solution, let's see where these odors come from.

1. The new car odor comes from the new car itself, that is, the body. Since all parts of the new car are new, there is not enough time to release harmful gases, so it will pollute the cab for a long time.

2. From the car interior. The main sources include instrument panels, central controls, seats, etc. The harmful gases they release include benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene, etc., which are also very harmful to the human body.

3. From car air conditioner. As the new car air conditioning parts are running in, and the air conditioning ventilation ducts are also plastic. When the air conditioner is used or the cabin is not well sealed, pollutants will enter the car and cause pollution. These pollutants are usually sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and volatile gasoline.

New car odor mainly includes two aspects: car interior odor and VOC pollution. The pungent odor inside the car is actually a pollutant generated inside the car. Such as *** seats, interior decoration materials, paints, glue adhesives, car cushions, steering wheel covers and so on. Its main chemical substances are benzene, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC). But don't worry, this strange chemical smell will not cause great harm to the body, and it is not as dangerous as expected, because of its volatility, this odor will evaporate at a rate of 20% per week.

Many vehicles now go from offline to the hands of buyers, the process is relatively short. It's like a newly renovated house. People don't have enough time to release the harmful gas, so people live in a hurry. So the harm to the human body is obvious. Also, since many consumers like to put some plush toys, cushions and other decorations in the car after buying a car, if the quality is not good, it will increase the source of "formaldehyde" in the car to a certain extent. In addition, inferior ground glue and adhesives also release many harmful substances. Excessive harmful substances can cause the driver or passenger to experience discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and cough. More severe cases can also cause damage to the respiratory system, liver, kidneys and hematopoietic organs, changes in immune function, and even the risk of inducing cancer. Especially under the scorching sun, the harmful gas in the car will be released twice. Now that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, many people will close the windows and turn on the air conditioners. People are cool, and it is more difficult to effectively release harmful substances in a closed state, which poses a greater threat to human health.

    How to get rid of " new car odor "?

1.window ventilation

Within half a year after the new car is bought or for a period of time after decoration, you should develop the habit of opening windows moderately to maintain circulating convection of fresh air in the car. Open the window after getting in the car, don't turn on the air conditioner immediately. A large number of chemical pollutants will accumulate in the filters and piping systems of air conditioners, and biological pollution problems such as mites and molds will also increase. Therefore, after getting on the car, you should open the window for ventilation first, and then close the window after turning on the air conditioner for 3 to 5 minutes. It should also be noted that in the case of driving a vehicle for a long time, the windows should also be opened for ventilation.

2.Remove the original packaging of the new car as soon as possible

The original packaging of a new car must be removed. Generally, new cars will have some plastic packaging. After the car owner starts using the car, he should remove these extra packaging as soon as possible, so as to prevent the pollution that can be solved from becoming "fermented" in the car and causing air pollution in the car.

3.Strictly choose interior decoration

For car interior decoration, the accessories must be strictly selected to prevent putting harmful rubber floor coverings and seat cushion decoration into the car; newly purchased car seat cushions and other textiles should be rinsed with water before using.

4. Use perfume with caution

At present, many perfumes are chemical synthetic products, which have a certain degree of pollution. Car owners should be more careful when choosing to buy and pay attention to choosing natural materials.

5. Deodorization of nano mineral crystals

Place the disassembled nano-mine crystals in the trunk of the new car. Because the nano-mineral crystal has the dual characteristics of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, it can effectively remove pollution and odor in the car to achieve the effect of disinfection and deodorization. Therefore, it is recommended that the disassembled nano-mine crystals be placed in the car and the trunk. (Xiaobian recommends economical decontamination)

6.Install vehicle air purifier

Air purifiers are by far the most effective way to purify air. Its principle also varies according to different technologies. At present, there are mainly plasma, negative ions, negative oxygen ions, and adsorption technologies. The price of car air purifiers ranges from a few hundred yuan to thousands. Everyone can buy it according to their own needs. Pay attention to its clean air output ratio when purchasing. The larger the clean air output ratio, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier.

to sum up:

The smell of a new car is definitely harmful to human health, but the degree of harm must be analyzed specifically. Because the odor in the car is easy to attract people's attention, but many poisonous gases are colorless and odorless, which are our healthy and invisible killer. Remind everyone to pay attention: Do not try to use perfume, air freshener to remove the odor of new cars, it is harmful and useless. Perfume and air freshener can only mask the odor in the car, it is useless to remove the odor of new cars, and it will cause new chemical pollution to new cars. For the health of yourself and your family, it is recommended that car owners should take correct and effective methods to eliminate odors and poisonous gases in the car.

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