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Is latex paint really formaldehyde-free, benzene-free, and pollution-free?

无苯不成漆、无醛不成胶 ”,但现在市面上很多乳胶漆大多打着这样的口号:“ 无苯、无甲醛、零污染 ”,甚至还标榜“今天刷、明天住”。 There is a saying "No benzene, no paint, no aldehyde, no glue ", but now many latex paints on the market mostly slogan: " No benzene, no formaldehyde, zero pollution ", and even advertised "Brush today, live tomorrow" ". Does latex paint really have any pollution?

Latex paint is divided into three categories

"Latex paint" is just a collective term. At present, businesses generally divide it into three categories-

The first is engineering paint, which is mainly used for office and large building decoration. The price is cheap. The 18-liter big barrel is only one or two hundred yuan.

The second is environmental protection paint, which is widely used in home decoration. It is said to have antibacterial, moisture-proof and low content of harmful substances. The price of this paint varies widely, ranging from 200 yuan to 600 yuan for 5 liters;

Third, children's lacquers are generally higher in price, and some sell for more than 800 yuan, which is said to be more environmentally friendly.

Good or bad paint smells bad

乳胶漆是否环保 ,消费者最常用的方法是靠闻,味道刺鼻那肯定不好。 Judging whether latex paint is environmentally friendly , the most common method for consumers is to smell, and the smell is definitely not good. Residents' experience is that the lightest smell should be children's paint, followed by household environmental protection paint, and the most pungent must be *** engineering paint. However, the reporter did an experiment and poured various latex paints bought into the cups. The final experimental results were: Garbage Children's Paint, Shangri-La's Environmentally Friendly Paint, and Dulux's Environmentally Friendly Paint. The smell is strong. It may be mistaken for smell It is engineering paint; on the contrary, Dulux children's paint and engineering paint can be regarded as environmentally friendly paint by smell; and some Jiajiali engineering paints, because they can't smell a little, are likely to be taken for granted as children's paint.

Professor Wang Dehai of the Chemical Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology said that some harmful substances in latex paints are odorless, while some latex paints are scented by additives. Therefore, the smell and environmental protection of latex paint cannot be completely equal.

Latex paint in home decoration uses the most materials and is obvious, so many people think that the latex paint is a problem when they smell the strong taste. "Home improvement is a comprehensive project. There may be wood strips, plywood, putty, etc. under the latex paint. These may use chemical materials and accidentally bring in toxic and harmful things.

Professor Wang Dehai said that the solvent of latex paint is water, which can be said to be the safest of many coatings. The latex paint produced by the brand company, its main ingredients such as pigments, emulsions, fillers, basically do not contain harmful substances to the human body. ,更可能出现在其他建材上。 Indoor air pollution is more likely to occur on other building materials. 胶黏剂 ,这里面都含有较多的甲醛。”杭州创绿家环保科技有限公司戚总监说。 " Adhesives are used for panels, floors, furniture, sofa fabrics, etc. , which contain more formaldehyde." Said Qi Director of Hangzhou Chuanglujia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Live today and tomorrow?

During an unannounced visit, the reporter heard several businesses recommend this: brush today and live tomorrow; you can sleep while you paint, and the painter can do it. Experts disagree with this statement.

Impractical at first. It is unlikely that the home decoration is only paint, and the pollution produced is from many aspects; a few latex paint manufacturers still use harmful substances such as organic mercury and ethylene glycol in production. These substances need to be ventilated and completely dried before they can be volatile; latex paint It also has a curing period of about 7 days, and the small molecule components released during it will also cause harm to the human body. A reasonable period of time should still be reserved for home decoration, usually more than 1 month.

去除室内污染 呢? So, can indoor pollution be removed quickly and effectively ? 吸收甲醛 等有害物质的产品,在一户新装修的居民家里放置一个月,效果微乎其微,最有效的方法就是开窗、通风一个小时, 室内甲醛、TVOC和苯 的含量都达到了正常空气质量标准。 The reporter once measured that using green locust, activated carbon, air purifier, these products that can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde , placed in a newly renovated resident's home for a month, the effect is minimal, the most effective method is to open the window, ventilation for one hour The indoor formaldehyde, TVOC and benzene contents have reached normal air quality standards.

   Diatom mud is also more environmentally friendly

Diatom mud is very similar to lime, it will precipitate when it is not completely dissolved, and its color is off-white, so it is easy to recognize. The diatom mud did not taste a bit in the actual measurement, and the detection was completely up to standard.

黏合剂 等化学制剂,它还是比较安全的。”浙工大化材院王德海教授说。 "Due to the need to add some auxiliary ingredients during processing, diatom mud may not be able to achieve zero pollution, but in general, as long as no chemical agents such as binders are added , it is relatively safe." Professor Wang Dehai of Zhejiang Institute of Chemical Materials said.

However, the price of diatom mud is relatively high. If you simply approve one layer, the contracted labor and material cost about 100 yuan per square meter; for the background pattern, the contracted labor and material cost between 200 yuan and 300 yuan per square meter.


  Latex paint completely meets harmful standards

苯、甲醛和TVOC(总挥发性有机化合物)含量 According to the national standard for home improvement air testing, the reporter painted eight latex paints and diatom mud on the walls of nine similarly decorated rooms. After 7 days of ventilation, the doors and windows were closed for 1 hour to detect benzene, formaldehyde, and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) content . Deputy Manager Tang Qicai said that the interior had just been renovated, and the most harmful volatile substances were emitted within 5 days. After 7 days, it stabilized. Therefore, it was relatively objective and fair to test after 7 days of ventilation. Close the doors and windows for 1 hour to make the cumulative concentration of organic compounds close to the equilibrium concentration of ventilation and ventilation once per hour.

As mentioned earlier, the price of latex paint varies widely, and the quality difference is obvious once it is placed on the wall. The first is the smell. The two engineering lacquers are placed in a bucket, and the smell is not obvious, but once they are brushed on the wall, they emit a strong odor of paint; the Dulux environmentally friendly paint with the strongest flavor poured in the cup before, the odor is not on the wall It's thick-this proves once again that the paint is good or bad.

The second is the coverage effect. The engineering paint is obviously inferior, and the same effect is applied at least twice more. "The engineered paint just finished, the wall looks good, but it is easy to have deep and shallow spots when it is dried. As long as a good latex paint is coated with a thin layer, the wall looks particularly white. Bang, Dulux, and Gabriel's environmentally friendly paints and children's paints have good coverage, depending on the price. "A senior painter said.

有害物质浓度检测 报告出炉了。 After 7 days of ventilation, the detection report of the concentration of harmful substances in 9 rooms was released. 0.09毫克/立方米、TVOC0.5毫克/立方米。 According to the national standard "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Interior Decoration Materials for Interior Wall Coatings", the formaldehyde content is 0.08 mg / m3, benzene 0.09 mg / m3, and TVOC 0.5 mg / m3. 苯含量 在0.001—0.03毫克/立方米之间;TVOC(总挥发性有机化合物)含量在0.08—0.14毫克/立方米之间,8种乳胶漆和硅藻泥中有害物质全部达标,且远低于国家限量标准。 In 9 rooms, the measured formaldehyde content was between 0.03-0.055 mg / m3; the benzene content was between 0.001-0.03 mg / m3; the TVOC (total volatile organic compound) content was 0.08-0.14 mg / m3 In the meantime, all eight kinds of latex paints and diatom mud all met the standards and far below the national limit.

室内甲醛主要污染源 ,但刷墙后也没有商家所宣称的“无 苯、无甲醛、零污染” ,在此,提醒您,装修虽结束,请勿着急住! In summary, although latex paint is not the main source of indoor formaldehyde pollution , there is no “benzene , no formaldehyde, zero pollution” claimed by the merchants after brushing the wall . Here, please remind you that although the decoration is over, please do not worry! 甲醛检测 确认室内空气情况也是很有必要的! It is also necessary to do a professional formaldehyde test to confirm the indoor air condition!

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